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Liz Brown
Image Consultant
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20 years of experience in Visual Arts Production, Photography, Media, and Post-Production

LIZ BROWN MEDIA focuses on marketing with beautiful, authentic imagery, to generate thoughtful publicity that reflects your brand's integrity. With a rich background in visual arts production and an incredibly diverse network, our results feel natural and effortless.

We are in the distinct position to curate all of your outward facing brand materials, align partners to compliment your business ethos, and connect you with the right audiences on multiple platforms. We place importance on your brand's visual identity and user experience. We partner with relatable brands to execute marketing campaigns in the editorial, advertising, social and motion spaces. We have the capacity to produce and create content for you, including stills, 360º video, augmented and virtual reality. We can provide creative direction and post-production on any project, and mange re-branding efforts. We believe strongly in the power of community, which is why we also focus on artist collaborations, brand partnerships and cross-promotions. We champion conservation and reducing carbon footprints, which is why we support brands who take the time to do business the right way, which is not necessarily the quickest or most profitable way. We commend you for going the extra mile to operate local, not use plastics, recycle your waste properly, and give back to the community. 


LIZ BROWN has an esteemed background in publishing and media, previously the Photo Director at Conde Nast BRIDES; Senior Producer for Box Studios; Photo Editor at MORE Magazine; and Studio Manager at Steven Klein Studio. She worked in the photo departments at Teen Vogue, Patrick McMullan Company and The Rubin Museum of Art, where she also photographed events and marketing content. Liz founded a boutique eco-friendly photo production company, Fresh Productions, and had a popular nightlife blog on PAPER Magazine.


Liz received a bachelors degree in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, where she also studied digital video and the science of yoga. She continues to create culturally diverse work in the areas of portraiture, fashion, music, lifestyle, travel, nightlife and events, around the world. Some of her most notable assignments include photographing artifacts in Nepal for "The Circle of Bliss: Buddhist Meditational Art" (LACMA) exhibition catalog, touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers as their band photographer, photographing Madonna behind the scenes for Steven Klein's Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign, and teaching the craft and business of photography as part of a cultural exchange program with the US Department of State in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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